COMRADE PLUS, the widely used Accounting and Inventory Control Software in the UAE/ GCC Markets is simple to use and comes in ready made and easily customisable version.

This is a business management and accounting program specifically designed for small and mid-sized companies. In this product you will find a wealth of features normally found in mid-sized software programs, yet at a very reasonable price. Along with Standard features, it includes: Backorder Management, Stock Replenishment, Inventory Assemblies, and Business Analysis. The software is designed for those businessmen, who need a higher level of functionality to handle the day to day operations of running a business. This edition makes it possible for your mid-level business to grow by providing you with better access to time critical information

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Key Features

  • Double-Entry General Ledger.
  • Unlimited Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, Invoices, etc.
  • Flexible and Customizable Numbering for Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, Invoices, etc.
  • Enhanced Data Search Mechanism with User Modifiable Searches.
  • Strong Reports and Analysis Capabilities.
  • Editing of Formed Reports in Preview Mode.
  • Reports Export in a Quantity of Formats by One Click
  • Security Controls User Access to Modules.
  • Multi-Volume Backup and Restore Data.
  • Network Ready.

Available Modules

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Inventory Control
  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Tools
  • System Manager
  • Project / Job Costing Module
  • HR / Payroll Management etc.

Sales Module

  • Set Customer Address Type as Ship to, Bill to, Both or Quote.
  • Unlimited Ship to Addresses for
  • Each Bill to Customer.
  • Separate Bill to and Ship to Areas for Each Order.
  • Setting individual price formation for each client.
  • Sales Commission Setup and Tracking.
  • Checks Customer Credit Balance and Status.
  • Automatically Create Sales Order from Quotation and Invoice from Sales Order.
  • Credit Memo.
  • Sell Inventory or Non-Inventory Items.
  • Create and Track Partial Shipments and Back Orders.
  • Backorder Management.
  • Apply Unlimited Payments to Invoice.
  • Enter a Single Payment and Quickly Pay Multiple Invoices.
  • Payments Posted Automatically to GL.
  • Customer Statements.

Purchase Module

  • Create Purchase Orders and Handle Multiple Receipts.
  • Receive Partial Shipments.
  • Each Receipt Updates and Re-Costs Inventory.
  • Debit Memo.
  • Create a Bill for Each Purchase and Auto Fill Billing Info from Purchase Receipt.
  • Track Payments to Vendors.
  • Make Unlimited Payments Against One Invoice.
  • Payments Posted Automatically to GL.
  • Vendor Statements.

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Inventory Control Module

  • LIFO, FIFO or Weighted Average Costing.
  • Inventory Classes.
  • Inventory Categories and Sub Categories.
  • Select Default and Unlimited Other Vendors, Including Price and Lead Time.
  • Handles Inventory in Multiple Warehouses.
  • Easily Transfer Goods between Warehouses.
  • Unlimited Multi-Pricing Levels by Qty Low, Qty High, Percentage & Fixed Price.
  • Include Long Text Description and Picture for Each Item.
  • VInventory Adjustments.
  • Build and Track Inventory Assemblies.
  • Stock Replenishment.

Banking Module

  • Unlimited Bank/Checking/Saving Accounts.
  • Record Checks, Deposits, Withdrawals and Adjustments.
  • Includes Standard Bank Transaction Types or Add Your Own.
  • Bank Account Register.
  • Handles Inventory in Multiple Warehouses.
  • Bank Account Reconciliation.

Accounting Module

  • Maintain Account and Sub Account Information.
  • Includes Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, COGS, Expense, Other Revenue and Other Expense.
  • Double Entry General Ledger.
  • General Ledger Adjustments.
  • Set Default Accounts to Use for Inventory, Sales and Purchases, etc.
  • Ledger Displays Date, Debit, Credit, Transaction Description.
  • View Beginning and Current Balance.

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Tools Available

  • Reports module
  • Analysis module

System Manager

  • Security Controls User Access to Modules.
  • Supports Roles for Easy and Quick Security Setup.
  • Backup and Restore Data to Disk or Network Drive