In a dynamically changing business  and technical environment, companies who want to gain competitive advantage must have the ability to adjust quickly to the changing and challenging market conditions and to use the solutions adequate to the field of activity and company size.

Comrade’s objective is to deliver solutions which, by using the latest technologies in an intelligent fashion, open up new perspectives for running a business and help stay ahead of the competition. Our product portfolio offers solutions for every company, from service and commercial companies through retail sales networks and accounting offices to micro companies and sole proprietorships. Moreover, Comrade ERP offers wide range of additional solutions which produce a fully integrated system supporting each aspect of business activity.

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A provider promising success through excellence must offer software supporting users in their daily tasks, helping to avoid mistakes, and effectively saving the most valuable asset – time. All this is made possible by a combination of multiple factors fused into one outstanding one stop solution.

  • Multi-site capability
  • Multi User
  • Multi Currency
  • Real Time update
  • Centralised or decentralised operation
  • Multi-country capability
  • Fast deployment
  • Reduced costs for training and implementation
  • Low-maintenance
  • Increase in productivity
  • Minimized risk of errors
  • Satisfied and engaged users

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Comrade ERP Enterprise can be used to fully control all business processes within your company:

  • Inventory logistics and storage location control
  • Process Management
  • HR / Payroll Managament
  • Procurement and production
  • Dispatching and sales
  • Financial and asset accounting
  • Controlling
  • Service
  • Workflow and project management
  • Business Intelligence

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