Managing an organisation where nano level customisation and individual approach is required, makes the world of technology much more challenging than a singular or single level of approach. COMRADE ERP ULTRA provides you with the best option for creating such a challenging and enterprising experience.

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The platform is perfectly suitable for:

  • Multinational companies with various departments, branches, locations and companies
  • Retail sales chains and franchises
  • One head office / subsidiary and dispersed commercial and service companies
  • Unique process companies which requires blue printing of process to the technologic environment

The platform is a multi-language solution, adjusted to specifics of international companies. The most important advantage of COMRADE ERP ULTRA are the mechanisms which enable automation of repetitive activities and the tools allowing for making decisions based on analyses, budgeting and forecasts

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Thanks to the application of uptodate technology, COMRADE ERP ULTRA can be fully adjusted to the needs of not only an industry of a company, but also to the specifics of foreign markets. The mechanism ensures also easy integration with external applications. Openness of the system allows for adjusting easily the Platform, among others, to legal regulations, document templates or accounting principles applicable in a given country.

COMRADE ERP ULTRA delivers functionalities which adjust the system to specific conditions of running a business activity. This guarantees smooth and problem-free implementation of the system even in companies with complex structure. COMRADE ERP ULTRA is a multi-language solution, adjusted to specification of international companies.

COMRADE ERP ULTRA can be used with ease for companies offering their products for foreign markets, where transactions are concluded in various currencies. The Platform enables carrying out and clearing foreign currency transactions and smooth calculation of exchange rate differences with options for user friendly update possible in exchange rates inputs.

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Various other functionalities like communication with Social Networks, Current News update, multifunctional graphical reports etc makes COMRADE ERP ULTRA so special.