COMRADE COMMODITY ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM new version launched with added features and updates. COMRADE -COMS is based on ERP philosophy that facilitates and manages order execution.
Real time reporting and graphical representations helps the management in getting clear cut picture of the process and product flow in the organisation. Commodity markets trading will have a clear set advantage with the use of Comrade COMS. Purchase and Sales Orders can be tracked in a single window, which helps in ease of operation.
Shipment details can be accessed in the same window, which clearly helps in monitoring the progress of shipment and checking the variance between Expected and Actual Dates.
Comrade COMS dashboard gives you a clear view of Open Orders and Completed Orders on a real time basis. With simple and userfreindly interface, Comrade OMS is easy to operate.
Graphical representation of Reports highlights the status of productivity, Profitability, expense pattern, quantity and quality of orders for each branch / department for an organisation.
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